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ALL AREAS: Cinematic Techno mit den viralen Producern Giovanni Berg und Dieter Schleipp


The duo, consisting of 61-year-old Dieter Schleipp and 27-year-old Giovanni Berg, quickly rose to the pinnacle of the techno scene within just seven months, despite their age difference. With their distinctive blend of cinematic sound and modern techno, they garnered international acclaim in record time. Although their catalog comprises only 13 tracks, they secured over 34 placements on the iTunes charts worldwide.


Schrotthagen (Munich / Label / Residency) >>> Cinematic Techno | Hardtechno | Dark Techno
Schrotthagen's tracks are distinguished by their cinematic quality, a testament to their extensive experience in the film and television industry. Giovanni Berg and Dieter Schleip have harnessed their musical skills and understanding of the power of music to create unique soundscapes that evoke emotions and tell stories. Their techno productions possess a cinematic character, transporting listeners to another world and allowing them to empathize with the sounds and rhythms.
As an emerging duo, Schrotthagen epitomizes innovation and quality in the electronic music scene. Their international success is evident through their growing fan base and impressive social media presence. With their distinctive style, close collaboration, and unwavering pursuit of musical excellence, they are poised to continue making their mark on the global music landscape.
The future of Schrotthagen promises exciting releases and performances eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. Their exceptional talent, cinematic expertise, and innovative approach to electronic music make them a duo to watch. Schrotthagen will continue pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on the music scene as they share their unique musical vision with the world.



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