Fr. 29.10.2021 TEUFELSWERK feat. THAM, B2 & Rezystor


ALL AREAS: Teuflischer Techno mit illustren Gästen aus Berlin & Köln


We can't be happier to be back! For the first party after the long break Teufelswerk invited Tham & B2 and Rezystor. This is an absolutely deadly combination for every dancefloor. Dark Sounds inspired by Techno, EBM, Schranz, Rave and Industrial. Everything we need for our event and we are sure you will love it, too. And because that's not enough, our good friend MXST from Munich joins the event this time! Now you can choose your side: Hell or Heaven?

THAM (Berlin | Synoid / Griessmühle)
As we all know, there really is no shortage of artists in the vast field of electronic music, especially in the German capitol of Techno that is Berlin.They come and go with trends and seasons, build their hypes, and eventually vanish into the social medial void our postmodern times have created. However, there are those ones which stand out, which stay stuck in the eyes and ears of the public, which play and produce themselves in the collective memory of our community. Tham is one of those. As resident and face of underground public favourites like SYNOID, Griessmuehle, and Lebendig, in just a few years the young artist has proven that he’s one to stay, to watch and to listen to. Growing up on the dancefloors of Berlin – figuratively speaking – Tham’s artistic vision hails from and is always directed back to that very place which represents the crux of the matter of our entire subculture. His interpretation of Techno, his musical vision, lives on his drive to set people in motion. Pounding bass drums, complex grooves, and aggressive synth lines lashing through the crowd, taking their hypnotic effect. This is what Tham provides. Music ex machina, coming out of nowhere, binding the eyes, ears, and bodies of his audience to the floor, to the very present, sticking to their brains, billowing through their minds for hours, long after they’ve left the club.


REZYSTOR (Köln | Seelen / Raw)
The Refusal to accept or comply with something is a mindset that is often sorely lacking in the 21st century. Look at any form of art or expression and you will mostly see people trying to comply with what’s hot at the minute. and then, on the other hand, there are people like Rezystor, who has consciously always taken the road less travelled. Be it because of his musical beginnings, which were spent in the middle of Heavy Metal-Moshpits, or because of a constant sense that there are too many passing fads in the scene he now calls his home. No entrance into a music genre is easy, especially when one is committed to just doing what they want to do, but the cologne native has managed to carve a name for himself out of steel, with a unique brand of no- nonsense, bottom-heavy, thick, rolling Techno


+ B2 






Beginn: 23.00h | Afterhour
Altersbeschränkung: Ab 18 Jahren
CORONABESTIMMUNGEN: Nach den aktuellen bayrischen Auflagen und Bestimmungen mit 3Gplus: Einlass nur geimpft, genesen oder mit gültigem PCR Test
Bitte bringt entsprechende Nachweise und Eure Ausweise mit – ohne ist leider kein Einlass möglich!
Eintritt: 14 Euro nur Abendkasse
Location: KANTINE | Halderstraße 1 - 5 | 86150 Augsburg / Königsplatz


Das Teufelswerk ist ein tolerantes, weltoffenes Event, das euch jeglichen Raum zur freien Entfaltung gibt. Jeder Gast ist bei uns Herzlich Willkommen, egal welche Nationalität, sexuelle Orientierung, Vorlieben, Glaubensrichtung, ..., er hat! Wer diesen Raum mit Hass, Diskriminierung, Rassismus oder sonstigem versucht zu betreten, egal ob passiv oder aktiv, wird keinen Zutritt zur Veranstaltung bekommen oder aus der laufenden Veranstaltung ausgeschlossen. Begegnet euch gegenseitig mit großem Respekt und Liebe! Hier ist kein Platz für negative Gedanken!Danke für euer Verständnis!



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